About us

The Trillek Society, a society for the preservation of the old habits and customs
Col 78 5273 Col
Founded on April 30, 1991

Internet site: www.trillek.si
E-mail: drustvo.trillek@gmail.com
Tax number: 89288505 (we are not liable to pay taxes)
Account number: 04751-001102116 at NKBM
Register number: 54922220

The president and legal representative: Sandi Škvarč
Secretary Silvan Praček
Accountant: Dušan Koren

Founder members:

  • Matjaž Bizjak
  • Ivan Žgavec
  • Marjan Peljhan †
  • Silvan Praček
  • Janko Škvarč
  • Simon Škvarč
  • Sandi Škvarč
  • Damijan Kobal
  • Lucijan Trošt
  • Janez Kovšca


In the year 1986 the youth of that time in Col organized among each other under the committee for the preparations of the New Year’s party. Five years later, on the 30th April 1991 the society Trillek was founded due to numerous activities that had been held. This very society will celebrate its 15th anniversary of activities this year. We have been more or less active in the village, with some of the recognizable events as the Colska nedelja (A Sunday on Col), an exhibition of the hay harvest as it was held in the old times, activities around the St. Nicholas Day, sports activities, New Year’s celebrations and as the last Colski časnik (a magazine reporting about the events in Col). These activities make us known also in the wider areas. We cannot judge about our success, yet the responses are positive. Nonetheless, as each thing also our events could be made better and improved. The fact that Col is still a village that can step together when it is necessary is an important element in our activities. Actually, I believe we could be a model many a time to others. Such atmosphere makes it easier to be active and more successful. An example of such kind is the newly finished project of a purchase of a new stage and the event Colski glasbeni oder (Col’s Musical Performance).

I took over the leadership a year ago and apart from current activities with the spotlight Colska nedelja, last year unfortunately cancelled, I sorted out some formalities. We opened a bank account and authorized a private agency from Ajdovščina for the accountant matters.

Although physical work still ranks high there are small and administrative works to be found in every society which are difficult to be noticed and assessed. Among such successes we can count money raised with the help of the sponsors, we have also won some tenders put out by the city council. These are also golden sources as the right approach and stamina can give many things in return.

One of the future goals of the society has to be a steady expansion of the members. Boys from the ‘informal’ society Štirlek have been active for quite some time, for bigger and more important actions we should strengthen ourselves with new members. A weakness in the days when most of the things can be achieved only by clicking Enter is a lack of initiative and incentive. This is a field where a big step in advance could be done and at least a small part of those plans could be realized in the following years.

The president Sandi Škvarč