Col with surroundings

The surrounding

If you want to see the Vipava valley, the small villages spreading all over the countryside, fields rich in cereals than Col gives a nice opportunity to see all that. The village lies in the altitude of 612 m and it is situated where the flysch and the Carso plateaus meet. There is a high Nanos overgrown with forests so that rare brooms appear almost shyly inbetween. And to continue Hrušica, on its calm and windless crest most of the houses were built in the past, today there are new houses being built all over the slope. Above Col there are Kovk with Sončarica where Noe should have tied his ship, Belunc, Riženberk and Križna Gora and Špečk (all hills) with the crucifix on the top.

The highest mountain near to Col is the Streliški peak (1265 meters above the sea level), under its peak there is a plane Kraljiška ravan. There the Hunnish king Attila should have seen Friuli and the Adriatic Sea. At the sight of such fertile land he ordered his army to advance.

But the soil is poor as the people are modest. They would pick and drag all the stones and rocks from the sinkholes only to make a few meters of apoor land to be cultivated and above the holes they made stone walls some up to 10 metres high. Some of them were later nicely shaped by the nature itself.; as near Žagolič Hudičeva miza (the Devil’s table) and the Slovene sphinx. The evenings were spent singing songs of hard work, pain, memories, love and happiness.