History of place

The history

The village Col emerged on the road connection between Aquilea and Emona (today Ljubljana), there was a Roman road. The fortification at Šance, Šturmank and Riženberk speak of Col’s importance in the defence system of Clauster Alpium Ilirium. This was a fortified line meant to protect the Roman Empire from the invasion of the Barbian tribes. They were made of untilled stone and without mortar. Also during the battle at the Cold River Col presented the very hinterland. Col was first mentioned in the land register on the 4th October 1345. In the Middle ages the baron Flachenfeld built the castle on Col. It was built in such a way that it spread over the road and enabled a total roadblock of the traffic to Hrušica. This very vault gave the name to the village at the beginning; Podvelb (Unter dem Gewelbe). The vault was pulled down in 1840. Today’s name Col resembles the ‘colnina (tax), this was a taxation on the goods drove thereby to Logatec and Idrija. There is another sightseeing to be mentioned before one comes to Col. These are the remains of the castle Trillek, of which only the tower is well preserved all the rest is falling apart. The castle first belonged to the counts Trillek and later they came into the ownership of the nobles Abramsaberg (they cam from Šturje). Theirs was the castle until the death of the last two members. Since then it has been falling into ruins. In the last century they found a millstone in the castles garden which was dedicated to Julij Odpadnik (361-362) made of grey local limestone.