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Society for the Preservation of Ancient Traditions

in the fourth decade

Trillek Society

With the establishment of the Trillek Society, the activities of the youth organisation, or the New Year's Eve Committee, which was founded in 1986, continued in Colo. The main projects and activities that have survived to the present day are: the New Year's celebrations, the Col newspaper, the St. Nicholas Day celebration, the Col Sunday and the demonstration of mowing the old way.


Drum Run to Javornik

The author of the logo is Matej Peljhan, who was one of the initiators of the first run and march to Javornik in memory of Silv Tratnik - Bubo...

Col Sunday

Colska Sunday was first held in 1989 on the initiative of local accordionist and folk music lover Ivan Benčina (Benčina Brothers Ensemble)...

Col music stage

The Col Music Stage event marked the successful completion of the campaign to buy a new stage and install soundproofing in the gym.

Mowing the old way

For a decade and a half, the Trillek from Cola Society has been reviving the memory of hand mowing. It is not an event, but rather a nostalgic or even intimate memory of life on the farm decades ago.


He brought as much as he could; sometimes just a few nuts and apples, other times big and shiny things. He has etched himself in the hearts of generations of children.

New Year celebrations

New Year's event have been held with a slight interruption due to the construction of a new gym since 1986, when the first one was held in the old Youth Centre.


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